Having grown up in a family where there was no limit as to what you could be when you grew up, Meredith dreamed of becoming a commercial photographer. After completing high school Meredith took a creative path towards becoming a commercial photographer. Meredith first received a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography in 2003 from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, just two years later she received  a second bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the same school. After completing her degrees she began her career in the design industry as a photo shoot merchandiser and production assistant on a catalog design team for a local company. After working on many photo shoots with commercial photographers in the Boston area, Meredith realized that if she really wanted to be a professional photographer herself, she needed to go back to school to refine her skills. In 2009, she made the decision to go to New England School of Photography, after graduating in June 2011 Meredith plans to purse a career in advertising photography, focusing on product, fashion, and architectural photography.

Meredith enjoys shooting both in studio and on location. When it comes to shooting products and fashion, Meredith enjoys styling her own images. She composes her images carefully using her background in fine art and graphic design, while keeping the product or fashion in mind. She feels that both products and fashion need a place to exist whether that place is real or fantasy. Meredith’s interest in art and fashion likely come from her Mom who is very creative and out of high school wanted to become a fashion merchandiser. She connects much of her styling skills to her work as a photo shoot merchandiser early in her professional career.

Her interest in architectural photography likely comes from her study abroad in Italy and from her Dad who is in the flooring business. She often visited and occasionally helped him at work installing tile or carpet in beautiful newly constructed homes. She was always interested to see the end result once the owners moved in and decorated but was never able to. Not having the ability to see the final results of her father’s hard work, is where she developed an interest in interior design and decorating. She now enjoys using her photography skills to capture those scenes, creating architectural images she can share with others.

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